Why do brides wear white?

Why do brides wear white? This question isn’t asked very frequently. White dress on a bride is such a huge worldwide tradition, that it almost feels like when God was creating the world, he made skies blue, sun yellow, plants green, and wedding dresses white.

Reality is that god has nothing to do with a wedding dress color and the white bride’s tradition started just two centuries ago, when Queen Viktoria of England and Prince Edward, Duke of Kent and Strathearn got married in the Chapel Royal of St James’s Palace, London in 1840.

Wedding dress of Queen Victoria

Before Queen Victoria’s marriage, white wedding dresses weren’t common, nevertheless, young monarch chose this color and her dress looked so remarkable, that since then it has laid the foundation for white wedding dresses all around the world.

Viktoria’s dress was made with cream-white satin, silk, and lace. The designer of this historical wedding look was Scottish artists William Dyce.

Bride matched the white dress with the same color satin shoes and diamond accessories.

The first white wedding dress is still alive and as a part of the royal collection, it belongs to Queen Elisabeth II.

It should be noted, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert were happily married until Albert’s death in 1861. They had eight children. Looks like white dress brought them good luck.


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