Top 5 thrillers I’ve seen in 2019

The movie industry is my great passion. I’ve spent a significant part of my life watching thrillers, dramas, comedies. Therefore I allow myself to suggest some of my favorite ones on

The very first list of my suggestions will be the best thrillers I saw last year (2019).

For this article, I chose the top 5 thrillers that made a great impression on me and I am sure you will enjoy them too.

The Commuter

his is the movie with a wonderful cast. Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, Sam Neil, and my favorite Liam Neeson are playing absolutely remarkable characters.

I won’t spoil it for you and reveal anything from the storyline, what I can say is that this movie is going to surprise you with heroism and evil found in the most unexpected characters.

In spite of the fact that my favorite actor Liam Neeson plays the leading role, my favorite character is Jackson, played by Roland Moller. Watch this movie, after that you will understand why he is way more lovable than the lead character Michael.

The Invisible Guest

You can find this Spanish movie on Netflix and I guaranty it will blow your mind.

In short, The Invisible Guest is a murder story, with crazy plot twists and well-masked characters, who can definitely puzzle even the most experienced detectives.

The leading actor in “The Invisible Guest” is the Spanish movie star Mario Casas, who is best known for his leading role in “Three Steps Above Heaven”.

Director of “The Invisible Guest” is Oriol Paulo, the man who loves to make movies about unsolved murder with unexpected finals.

Gone Baby Gone


 “Gone Baby Gone” is just another reflection of two Oscar winner Ben Affleck’s remarkable ability to make movies. Likewise Affleck’s other works, this film is thought-provoking.

To sum it up, this film is telling us a story about detectives, who are looking for a lost child, in the city full of criminals and injustice.

The storyline touches widespread issues of poverty and drug addiction, which leads us to an unhealthy society.

Leading roles are played by Casey Affleck, Ed Harris, and legendary Morgan Freeman.



In spite of the fact that Scarlet Johansson has never been my favorite actress and I always felt like she was poorly suited for her roles, I loved everything about Lucy.

This film will take you on a crazy journey stretching your imagination regarding time, space and conciseness. It is a very well-made film with a fantastic script and wonderful cinematography. In other words, it’s definitely worth seeing.

Bird Box

“I’ve not seen this good of a film for a long time!“– This was my first reaction after watching Bird Box in January 2019.

This movie was a surprise, I was not expecting to be so impressed. It’s by far the best Netflix original film.

There might be a handful of similar screenplays, however, what makes “Birdbox” special, is the end of the story, where it reveals that when the mind asks you to sacrifice, you should listen to your heart, it’ll have a better solution.


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