The most expensive houses in Los Angeles

The most expensive houses aren’t atypical for the city of Angles, where life itself is pretty costly. If in other cities you can buy a decent house for 1 million US dollars, in LA one million can buy you just a decent apartment.

The most expensive houses in Los Angeles
photo source: Zillow

Just like in every other place, real estate prices in LA depending on location. The most expensive ones here are Malibu, Beverly Hills, and Bell Air. These three are one of the most luxurious neighborhoods not only in LA but also in the world. In addition, they appear to be home not only to the super-rich but also to the super-famous. 

The most expensive houses in Los Angeles
photo source: Zillow

While researching Top 10 the most expensive homes in LA on Zillow, I found out that all ten are located in those three luxurious neighborhoods and they all look like something you might have never seen before. 

The Most Expensive Houses –  N10 

Malibu is the land of sun, ocean, blue skies, orange sunsets, and good moods. Seems like heaven on earth and yes indeed, it is heavenly and also pricy. You undoubtedly need a couple hundred million dollars in order to live here and feel the vibe. In case the money in your bank account is more than $70,000,000 you can buy this oceanfront beauty. 

The most expensive houses in Los Angeles
photo source: Zillow

5 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, infinity edge swimming pool, and glass walls with ocean view. Sounds and looks like a dream. 

Should be noted that this house is fresh and new. Was built in 2020. 

Recently it’s on the market for $69,995,000. 

N9 – PENTHOUSE in West Hollywood

West Hollywood is a good neighborhood, but you can rarely find such an expensive property here. Nevertheless, this two-story penthouse, located in West Hollywood is for sale with an asking price of $75,000,000. 

photo source: Zillow

Zillow doesn’t provide a lot of details about this apartment, but the price and photos are more than enough. 

N8 – Astonishing Resort like Mansion in Malibu

12 bedrooms, a private beach, breathtaking views, a swimming pool, a tennis court, a movie theater, and impressive architectural choices surrounded by 2.5 acres of private property.

This Malibu mansion was built in 1997 and appears to be the perfect combination of luxury and coziness. 

photo source: Zillow

It’s been on market since 2020. In the beginning, the asking price was $115,000,000. Since then the price had been cut several times and now it costs $75,000,000.

photo source: Zillow

And here comes the question. Since they have the same price tag. Which one would you choose, a Hollywood penthouse or a resort-like mansion in Malibu?

The Most Expensive Houses N7 – Entering Bel Air

Bel-Air is well-known as home to the filthy rich. For example, the world’s richest man, the Executive Chairman of Amazon, Jeff Bezos lives here. The houses, environment, air, nature, roads, everything is extremely luxurious in this neighborhood. 

The Bel Air west gate at Sunset and Bellagio.

7th the most expensive house on our list is located in Bel-Air. It doesn’t have a special design or luxurious look. Nevertheless, the size and the location of the house put it on the list of The most expensive houses in Los Angeles. 

photo source: Zillow

12 bedrooms, 18 bathrooms, 720 sqft interior space, and of course a huge swimming pool. Currently on the market for $77,000,000. 

The Most Expensive Houses N6 – Villa Firenze

Villa Firenze is a famous house in LA. Most Angelenos know it not only for its architecture and size but also for the iconic parties it used to host in the past. 

photo source: Zillow

Built by billionaire Steven Udvar-Hazy in the late 1990s, and lastly owned by another billionaire Roy Eddleman, awaits its new owners.

photo source: Zillow

12 bedrooms, 31,608 sqft interior space, 8 Garage spaces, and all the luxury 90s could offer are for sale. The price tag for this billionaire’s mansion is $79,500,000. 

It is located in the legendary Beverly Hills. 

N5 – Modern and classy home in Beverly Hills

The most expensive home N5 looks a lot like a presidential residence. Modern and classy, located in Beverly hills. 

photo source: Zillow

12 bedrooms, 24 bathrooms, 38,000 sqft interior space, 80 Parking spaces, royal driveway, and more. All these luxurious features are awaiting the new owner who’s ready to pay $85,000,000 for it. 

The most expensive houses N4 – European style mega-mansion

This 87-million-dollar mansion is for someone who has a specific taste and loves french style vintage. 

Huge like a true castle, standing on the top of the mountain. It resembles a picture from a fairy tale. 

photo source: Zillow

It was built in 2004 and is on the market since 2021. The price tag of this mansion is $87,000,000.

By the way, this 8-bedroom castle was toured by Producer Michael and you can watch his video in order to take a look at every corner. 

N3 – Beauty On the Hill

Huge, beautiful, elegant, private, and therefore expensive. Located in Beverly Hills and built in the middle of the 1990s, this mansion is for sale now.

photo source: Zillow

besides 11 bedrooms, 16 bathrooms, and 27,150 sqft interior space the house has a movie theater, tennis court, and swimming pool.

photo source: Zillow

Standing in the middle of a nearly 3-acre property, on the top of the hill, overlooks breathtaking views. The design is something between French and Spanish colonial architecture.

The price tag of this house is $100,000,000.

The most expensive houses N2 – Minimalistic Mansion

The most expensive home N2 is located in upper Bel Air and costs $150,000,000. It has 9 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, and 20,841 sqft interior space. Was built in 2021.

The most expensive houses in Los Angeles
photo source: Zillow

Should be mentioned that its exterior looks like a modest replica of the famous The One Bel Air, which once was listed as the most expensive residential building in the urban areas.

The most expensive house in Los Angeles

The price tag on the most expensive house in Los Angeles is $165,000,000. It’s a mansion named The Manor Los Angeles.

The most expensive houses in Los Angeles
photo source: Zillow

According to Wikipedia, it’s bigger than the White House and appears to be the second largest house in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. (First place on the list of largest houses in LA belongs to The One Bel-Air).

photo source: Zillow

The Manor was built in 1988 for TV Producer Aaron Spelling and his family. It has 14 bedrooms, 27 bathrooms, and 56,500 sqft of interior space. 

The Manor Los Angeles is not just a house, it’s not even just a mansion, it’s a true masterpiece, and if you want to take a better look, here’s a video tour that is definitely worth watching.


FYI Besides location, luxury features, and high prices, all these homes have one more thing in common. They are all listed by MLS

Wanna see other the most expensive houses?

That’s how the list of the most expensive houses in Los Angeles looks like by November 2022.

The most expensive houses in Los Angeles
photo source: Zillow

Should be noted that this list was created after researching houses that are currently on sale, not the ones that are off the market. Consequently, there might be other luxurious homes in LA that cost more but aren’t listed for sale, and therefore their prices aren’t public. 

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