Sustainable fashion, its history, and crucial importance

Fashion is one of the most flourishing industries in the world. Even more, since the world’s richest man Behind Arnault hit his jackpot in this field, fashion might be considered the biggest industry in the world. Social media and especially fashion influencers put clothes in the spotlight for millions and the demand for fancy items is growing every day. 

Desire to look good and follow trends isn’t a bad thing, on the other hand, the way the majority of fashion brands and companies work now is harming our planet and humanity. That’s why it’s time for Sustainable fashion.

Sustainable fashion – What is it?

First of all, sustainable fashion (a.k.a eco-fashion) is a kind of industry that avoids a negative environmental impact. It provides carbon-positive, organic, sustainable, and reusable products. Besides the environment, sustainable fashion is also responsible for social justice and takes responsibility for the people who participate in the production process. 

Why do we need it?

According to the research, the fashion industry is the second biggest polluter on the planet. It causes water and air pollution, which leads to climate change. If fashion continues to vandalize our planet at this rate, the results could be devastating. 


The biggest enemy of sustainable fashion is fast fashion. The product of fast fashion is trendy, but cheap and low-quality clothes. Fast fashion production not only pollutes resources but also provides nonreusable and nonrecyclable items.

The most famous brands that produce fast fashion items are Zara, H&M, and SHEIN.

How to follow the rules?

The role of the customers in the process of decreasing fashion’s negative impact on our planet is extremely important. With the purpose of reducing fashion production in our mind, we must try to buy and use fewer clothes. 

Avoiding fast fashion and becoming a customer of eco-friendly brands can also help. Choosing carbon-positive, organic, or vegan clothes is extremely important. 

In case you need to know, here is a short list (created by Vague magazine) of brands that try to produce sustainable items. 

The Meaning Well

Strawberry Western

Maroske Peech

Room Shop

Ugo Paulon

Sky High Farm Workwear


Rhi Dancey

A. Roege Hove


History of the Sustainable Fashion

The idea of the necessity and importance of sustainable fashion was born in the early 60s. It belonged to the American marine biologist Rachel Carson. Even though Carson made her point clear, her ideas gained widespread attention only three decades later, when United Nations has begun to pay deeper attention to climate change, waste disposal, and global warming.

At the beginning of the 21st century, sustainable fashion became a subject of concern not only for ecologists and environmental activities but also for the fashion industry itself. Since then, famous fashion magazines and fashion icons try to promote eco-friendly fashion and serve the crucial purpose of saving the earth.

P. S. Last but not least, always remember, fashion trends are way less important than our planet, which needs us to take care of it and stop damaging the environment. 


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