Stylish shoes VS shoes out of fashion

Shoes are a very important part of every look. No doubt, the right pair can make even a bad outfit look dazzling. On the other hand, if you match your outfit with the wrong footwear you can totally spoil your appearance.

A woman with good shoes is never ugly.

Coco Chanel

If you are the one who wants to be elegant, then you should stop wearing things that are currently out of fashion. Let’s go step by step and discuss every inappropriate shoe-type individually.

shoes out of fashion

Footwear that are out of style

Platform Pumps – a few years ago they seemed to be fashionable shoes. Women all over the world wore them with jeans, dresses and classic pants. Things have changed since, and they are no longer in fashion. Our advice is to say no to the platform pump. 

It should be noted that some women believe that platform pumps make them look skinnier, but traditional pumps can do it much better.

good shoes take you good places

Wedge shoes – they might be a good solution for women who can’t walk in high heels, but they are not elegant at all. Just like platform pumps, wedge shoes are considered to be skinny-look-makers, but if you want to be skinny, it may be a better idea to hit the gym every once in a while instead of wearing ugly shoes.

Clogs – If you are a clogs lover because of the comfort, you should know that comfort is not an excuse, because you can walk comfortably in sneakers, slip-on, in espadrilles, and in ballet flats just as well. Unlike clogs, these shoes are not only comfortable but can also be matched with casual outfits very well.

Lita boots – They are another big mistake in fashion. This type of shoes has nothing to do with elegance. They are not comfortable, they are not sophisticated. Moreover,  they are impossible to match with any fashionable outfit. 

nude color shoes

Wearing shoes without pedicure – Last but not least, our recommendation is to not wear open footwear if you don’t have perfect pedicure. First, take care of your nails, and then look after flip-flops, thongs, sandals, peep-toe pumps, etc. Finally, it’s very important to match your manicure color with your outfits. If you can’t change the color of your nails daily, you can choose manicures with the nude shades.

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Recommended shoes by us

Along with out-of-style shoes, we want to show you some footwear that can make you look stunning unquestionably.

Besides stylish shoes, we added to the list of our recommendations some comfortable and casual footwear too.


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