Smart solution for the toilet paper apocalypse

Toilet paper apocalypse – this is how Coronavirus will be remembered, because of the people who went crazy and started panic-shopping for as much bathroom tissue as they could get their hands on.

Truth is, there is no real logic behind stocking so much toilet paper as if it was gold. If the apocalypse comes, we will have far more important stuff to worry about.

As a matter of fact, toilet paper, as well as the reason for its absence from shelves (Coronavirus), also comes from China. It was first manufactured for the royal family in the 14th century. Although the mass manufacture of toilet paper only began in the 19th century.

Before bathroom tissue, the world used: wool, clay, moss, coconut husk, mussel shells, stick with a sponge top, and more. Maybe not the ideal way but, the job got done. In the late 17th century, fancy French furniture makers invented a bidet. The first bidet was not as comfortable as the modern ones are, but it was a great step towards the new norms of hygiene.

So even if your clean behind is the very essence of your existence, there are much better solutions than overfilling your home with an abundance of toilet paper rolls. And for those of you who are gathering all this paper to pass down to your next generations, believe me, technology is evolving so fast, your grandkids probably won’t need to wipe at all.

Replace toilet paper with a high-tech toilet seat bidet

For example, even at the present time, you can simply install one of these new high-tech toilet seat bidets with a wash and dry function and actually save a lot of money long-term. Water is way more sanitary as it gently cleans the area instead of smudging and scraping with the toilet paper.

We chose some of the best new high-tech toilet seat bidets, base on the Amazon customer reviews.

As a matter of fact, using a bidet also helps the environment. Considering an average person uses only 1⁄8 US gal (0.5 l) of water for cleansing when cleaning with a bidet. It’s much less than the enormous amount of water needed for manufacturing toilet paper.

Fortunately, the online market for bathroom accessories suggests a wide range of variety for high-tech bidets. On Amazon, you can find some new kid-friendly toilets with heated paddings. These toilets are smart eco-friendly with sensors and energy-saving modes, some even controlled with a remote.

Besides comfort and hygiene, substituting a high-tech toilet seat bidet for toilet paper is a way to save some money.


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