Slowest Ferrari ever & the other cars spotted in LA

Los Angeles is famous for many reasons, but not many know that the city of angels has a magnificent car culture. Since the development type of Los Angeles makes driving the best method of transportation, Angelinos have no other choice, but to own a car

As a matter of fact, Los Angeles is home to a lot of rich and famous (or just rich). So the big part of the cars registered here is crazy expensive, luxurious, and exotic. 

People here love cars, especially classic and vintage models. If you live in Los Angeles, one-of-a-kind vehicles drive by you every 3 minutes, which is a good opportunity for a blogger like me to photograph all those cars every day and share them with you. 

So, here’s the first group of eye-catching vehicles I managed to photograph in the streets of Los Angeles.

Lamborghini Huracan 

It was a sunny and hot winter day (that’s right, winter is mostly sunny and hot in California) when I spotted this yellow animal at Sunset and Vine and of course, couldn’t stop myself from photographing it. 

Even though Yellow isn’t my favorite color, I have to admit, Lamborgini Huracan could wear any shade of yellow with pride. 

And before we move forward to the car specifications, I wanna share with you a little anecdote about how Lamborgini became a Car manufacturer. 

Back in the middle of the 20th-century Italian businessman, and the owner of Tractor Manufacturing company Ferruccio Lamborghini pointed out some clutch issues Ferrari drivers used to experience and gave some problem-solving advice to Enzo Ferrari. 

Mr. Ferrari’s answer was not polite, he kind of made fun of Lamborgini, telling him that he’d better stay in his field – Tractors. 

“Dear engineer, I’ll never buy your cars again. From now on I’ll make my own cars, then I can be sure they work the way I want them to.” – answered Lamborgini and the rest is history. 

Now let’s get back to the car in the picture. Production of Lamborgini Huracan has begun in 2014. This car replaced the best-selling model Lamborgini Gallardo, which was produced from 2003 to 2013. 

Designer –  Filippo Perini.

Engine – 5.2-liter V-10.

Transmission 7 – speed dual-clutch.

PRICE – Starting at $213K

Car INFO – Lamborgini Huracan

Chevrolet Corvette

Chevrolet Corvette is what you see a lot in LA, partly because it’s manufactured in the US and the other reason could be the price. Compared to other exotic cars this one is cheaper. Chevrolet Corvette prices start from $85K, which is not a small amount, but believe me, less than 100K for a sports car is truly cheap nowadays.

Corvette is a brand with a big history and experience. Its production began in 1953 and it has so many fascinating classic models, you might have a hard time deciding which are best, old Corvettes or new ones. 

Some say Corvette isn’t as sustainable as other, more expensive sports cars, but since I’ve seen quite old Corvettes in quite a good condition, I dare to argue and state that Corvette can simply throw its European competitor’s hats in the ring. 

The vehicle you see in the picture, a maroon-colored 2020 model was spotted in Studio City. It was parked in a huge parking lot and catching everybody’s eye. 

Engine: 6.2 L V8

MPG: 16 city / 24 highway 

Horsepower: 490 to 495 hp 

Curb weight: 3,535 to 3,637 lbs.

Car INFO: Chevrolet Corvette

Ferrari 308

Cherry red, Italian beast from the late 70s, an edgy and extremely cool Ferrari 308 is another car that blew my mind with its beauty when I spotted it in San Valley. 

The design of this car is the epitome of perfection. Should be mentioned that Ferrari 308 is beautiful not only from the outside but also from the inside. Car critics point out that its interior was made for good feedback.

In spite of the beauty, Ferrari 308 isn’t a legendary model.

The bad thing about it is that it’s considered to be the slowest Ferrari ever made, maybe that’s the reason why the production lasted for 10 years only. 

Engine 2.9 L

Layout Transverse mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive

Transmission 5-speed manual

Designer Leonardo Fioravanti

Car INFO – Ferrari 308

Mercedes-Benz AMG GT C

Even if you’re not in the “Club Mercedes” you can’t deny that this is one of the most beautiful cars in the world.  

Astonishing, Captivating, Dashing, Brilliant… I’m listing all the adjectives, but still can’t find the right word to describe the beauty of this coupe. Mercedes-Benz AMG GT C is the epitome of dazzling. 

Should be mentioned that those models are the best in green color, but silver isn’t that bad either. 

Mercedes began manufacturing those models in 2014. 5 different designers co-worked to design and make this vehicle look like it looks now. 

Last, but not least,  since 2015 The GT serves as the Formula 1 safety car.

Engine: 4.0 L V8 

Horsepower: 550 hp 

Dimensions: 179-181″ L x 76-80″ W x 50-51″ H 

Curb weight: 3,792 to 3,838 lbs 0-60

mph: 3.9 seconds

PRICE: Starts from $153K

Car INFO – Mercedes-Benz AMG GT C

Plymouth Fury

Plymouth doesn’t exist anymore. It was a popular brand in the second part of the 20th century, from the 50s till the end of the 80s. Plymouth was produced by Chrysler and from today’s perspective, this car looked quite extravagant.

I spotted this tea-green color Plymouth Fury on Santa Monica Boulevard and even though I expected an old lady as a driver, there was a young, good-looking man behind the wheel. 

An interesting fact about this car is that its maximum speed is only 122 mph.

Back in the 20th century, its price was somewhere between 2.5 and 4.5 thousand US Dollars and now, you’re gonna need at least $60K to buy a classic Plymouth Fury.

Yep, some old cars are more expensive than new ones, even more, there are companies that sell special car navigation systems that are able to make old cars just as comfortable and joyful to drive as the newest models. 

I’ve always been asked, ‘What is my favorite car? ‘ and I’ve always said ‘The next one.’

Carroll Shelby

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Photos by Lel Shera


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