Reza Mohtashami – a man who designed the famous Black Villa in NY

Reza Mohtashami is an Iranian architect who’s known for modern designs and elegant works. Despite his young age (32 years), he has been working in architecture for over 13 years.

He has designed buildings all over the world. As he mentioned, his preferred countries to work in are the USA, Australia, Switzerland, and Canada.

His favorite architects are Japanese architect Tadao Ando and Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas.

Reza Mohtashami

Black Villa by Reza Mohtashami

Recently, Reza Mohtashami’s name became very popular on social media, and the reason is his last work, Black Villa, located in NY.

This beautiful building, with classic, elegant, luxurious, and mysterious design has fascinated millions of people on the internet. Therefore our first question to Reza Mohtashami was about this deluxe house.

Reza Mohtashami

Since a lot of people have been asking about it on social media, we wanted to know the owner, but Mohtashami didn’t share the client’s name. “Employer’s personal information is protected” – He said, but the architect revealed that it was the owner’s request to create a connection between the outside space and the home interior.

In addition, the Architect explained his vision regarding the black color and clarified why he chose it.

“Black is very vague. Black means power and has a high character and prestige. It is very mysterious.” – he told us.

Future of architectural design

While we were talking about the future of architectural design, we tried to figure out whether the black color is going to be a new trend to replace light colors that have been dominant in the home interior for the past decade.

Reza explained that trends depend on personal opinions and it’s hard to predict, but considering the fact that people always are looking for new things, this might happen.

Reza Mohtashami also thinks that Covid-19 and home isolation made people realize that they need more comfortable and alluring homes. He believes that this will change the future of architecture.

Professional advice from Reza Mohtashami

Reza Mohtashami’s first advice to the people who want to renovate or are building a house is to leave the construction work to experts. 

The second piece of advice is to choose a modern and minimal architecture because this kind of interior can make you feel calm.


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