Quotes about friendship between women

Quotes about friendship between women

Friendship between women is very important because it helps females in many ways. Good friends make a woman stronger, happier and even prettier. Life is much more exciting and you have better fun when you are surrounded by true friends.

Male and female friendships are not very different from each other, both genders need good fellows in their good and bad times, nevertheless, they are perceived differently. Let’s see how the world looks at friendships between women.

5 quotes by women about female friendships

The best way for a woman to survive in this men’s world is female friendship.

For men, friendship is like a ball they can toss anywhere they want and it won’t be lost. Friendship between women is different, it’s like a beautiful fragile glass they protect and cradle, but if the glass is shattered, it’s broken forever.

A woman can overcome anything by chatting with her girlfriends.

It’s so crucial to keep female friendships alive. Don’t get intimidated by other women, girls need each other.

Being so disappointed in women’s friendship, when I feel like complaining about my husband, I just complain to him.

5 quotes by men about female friendship

Friendship between women is just a non-aggression pact.

The loneliest woman is not the one who does not have a man, but one who does not have a best friend.

The best friend can hear even your untold words.

If you want to know about one woman’s disadvantages, praise her in front of her girlfriends.

A woman’s friendship is like a union, that lasts before a conflict of interests.

Last but not least, be a good, real and true friend, support your besties and never underestimate the girl’s power when they are standing next to each other, for each other. They may be weaker when they are alone, but together they are strong.


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