Overrated movies of 2022

A list of overrated movies is a controversial topic. Even though not everybody is going to agree or share the viewpoints demonstrated in this article, I’m publishing it anyway. 

If you find your favorite movie in the list below, I apologize in advance and I wish you to have better taste in movies in 2023.  So, here’s the list of the movies that have disappointed me in 2022.

Overrated movies

Overrated movies 2022 – Avatar: The Way of Water

Fans had been waiting for the second part of the iconic Avatar movie since 2009. 11 years and 250 million US dollars later, on December 16, 2022, it was finally released. 

Short info about the movie

Director: James Cameron 

Budget: 250 million USD

Starring: Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldaña, Sigourney Weaver, Kate Winslet & Vin Diesel.

Rating: IMDb 7.9, Rotten Tomatoes 77%, Metacritic 67%.


3 hour and 12 minutes long movie and only the last 15 minutes are catchy. In The middle of the film, I wanted to fall asleep or just leave the movie theatre immediately. 

The release of Avatar: The Way of Water was such a big deal for so many movie lovers and what they got? This film is like a tasteless candy that is wrapped in very fancy and beautiful paper. Graphic designs, effects, colors, and all the technical aspects are fascinating, impressive, and literally top-of-the-line. But where was the story, the goal, the message, the plot twist? 

Overrated movies

Overrated movie N2 – The Menu

Since Ralph Fiennes is one of my favorite actors, the moment I saw the poster of The Menu, I decided that I had to watch it right away. Should be noted that not only Ralph Fiennes’s name but also the trailer of the movie appeared to be extremely tempting. 

Short info about the movie

Director: Mark Mylod

Budget: 30 million USD

Starring: Ralph Fiennes & Anya Taylor-Joy.

Rating: IMDb 7.4, Rotten Tomatoes 89%, Metacritic 76%.


To be honest, unlike Avatar: The Way of Water this movie has a story and a huge plot twist, but it’s still not the movie that deserves high ratings. I didn’t fall asleep or try to leave the theater while watching The Menu. It is well-made and catchy from the beginning.

The reason why I felt disappointed is the ending of the film and the message it sends. I expected Margot (the main character, played by Anya Taylor-Joy) to save all the people in the restaurant. But no, she just didn’t care. Saving herself was enough for her. It made me think that The Menu is just another proof that modern cinematography is trying to highlight that kindness doesn’t deserve credit, even more, it doesn’t exist anymore. 

I tried to figure out the message of The Menu and my conclusion is that the director presents the idea about rich and fancy being unacceptable and ugly qualities. And he offers the idea of demolishing and demonizing the rich and fancy in order to let everything simple and poor thrive.

P.S. When the movie was over, my husband looked at me and said “let’s go to some burger place” and the funny thing is that I was thinking exactly the same. So if the menu was trying to promote burgers, they did a great job.

Overrated movies

Overrated movie N3 – Ticket to Paradise

An overrated movie is something you don’t expect when you hear names like Julia Robers and George Clooney, but they managed to do it anyway. 

As a huge fan of hers, I am ready to pay for the ticket even if Julia Roberts is just an extra in the movie, but her beauty isn’t enough when the story itself is uninteresting and predictable.  In addition, Julia Roberts didn’t bother to deliver half of Erin Brockovich or Vivian Ward performances.

Short info about the movie

Director: Ol Parker

Budget: 60 million USD

Starring: Julia Roberts & George Clooney.

Rating: IMDb 6.2, Rotten Tomatoes 57%, Metacritic 87%.


Just like Avatar: The Way of Water, Ticket to Paradise is like a tasteless candy that is wrapped in very fancy and beautiful paper. In this case, fancy and beautiful papers are two Hollywood A-listers and a beautiful, tropical island.

Ticket to Paradise is a comedy without proper jokes, melodrama without proper drama, and a movie without a touching story. That’s why it is one of the overrated movies of 2022.


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