My Favorite Sandwich Places In Hollywood

My favorite sandwich is something hard to define since sandwiches are my favorite food. I love them since childhood. Probably because my grandma used to make the best sandwiches in the world.

It should be noted that I like healthy food and my stomach is literally allergic to junk, therefore I’ll never recommend something unhealthy. And one more thing you need to know about my relationship with food is that: I am a Pescatarian and I mostly eat vegetarian sandwiches.

Pescetarianism is the practice of incorporating seafood into an otherwise vegetarian diet. Approximately 3% of adults worldwide are pescetarians, according to 2017–2018 research conducted by data and analytics companies.


I eat sandwiches everywhere I go however since the Hollywood – West Hollywood area is where I live currently, I know more Sandwich places here. That’s the reason why this article is about places that are located in these neighborhoods. 

My Favorite Sandwich

Before listing my favorite sandwich places in Hollywood, I must say that this article is not a promotion. No one pays me to write about these places. The only reason why I recommend them is that I love their food. 

My Favorite Sandwich at Mendocino Farms

Mendocino Farms is my love. There was a time when I used to eat their sandwiches every day. Unfortunately, this habit did not have a very pleasant impact on my body shape, in other words, I got fat, and therefore I had to take a break. 

What I love the most about Mendocino Farms is their rich assortment of bread. And oh my god, their brands are insanely delicious. Sometimes I buy just whole bread, bring it home, and use it for my homemade sandwiches. Don’t think that it’s just bread, the other ingredients are extremally delicious too.

My favorite sandwich at Mendocino Farms is Veggie Caprese. I love it so much I can simply have it for breakfast, launch, and dinner. By the way, I always ask them to add avocado to it. 

Besides Veggie treats, Mendo also has amazing sandwiches for non-vegetarians. For example, their Peruvian Steak Sandwich is a go-to food for my husband and not only for him. My nonvegetarian friends love this sandwich too. 

By the way, Mendocino Farms has several locations. They have restaurants in California, Texas and In Washington. I’ve been to their restaurants not only in west Hollywood but also in Santa Monica, Sherman Oaks, and Studio City. All of them serve equally delicious sandwiches. 

My Favorite Sandwich at Burrata House

Burrata House is another proof that Italian food is the best. This authentic Italian street food is a newly explored place for me. I tried their sandwich at Beverly Grove and I loved it. Their bread is so soft, I felt like I was eating delicious clouds. The combination of cheese and veggies in the sandwich was also perfect. 

Should be noted that Burrata House is not like other street food places. It is cozy, clean, and beautiful with a modern interior design. They serve not only sandwiches but also Bowls, Pasta, and Cold Plates.

Tony Khachapuri At Oui Melrose

Oui Melrose is my favorite because of Tony Khachapuri (Don’t you dare to try it if you are dairy intolerant). It is a pizza-like dish with a lot of cheese and egg. At Oui Melrose, you can add some mushrooms or meat to your Khachapuri and enrich its taste, but classic khachapuri is my favorite.

By the way, Khachapuri is a traditional Georgian dish and it has several variants. The one that is served at Oui Melrose appears to be Acharuli Khachapuri.

Even though Khachapuri is my favorite dish at Oui Melrose, their sandwiches aren’t bad too, and a encourage you to visit and try their food. 


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