My body after 100 classes of Pilates

Pilates is something I am thankful and happy to have in my life. The list of reasons why I feel so good about it is not short and in this article, I am going to elaborate on every single one. 

Pilates is a type of mind-body exercise developed in the early 20th century by German physical trainer Joseph Pilates, after whom it was named. There is however only limited evidence to support the use of Pilates to alleviate problems such as lower back pain. Evidence from studies show that while Pilates improves balance, it has not been shown to be an effective treatment for any medical condition other than evidence that regular Pilates sessions can help muscle conditioning in healthy adults, when compared to doing no exercise.


Pilates – why did I start doing it?

Pilates became a part of my life just 6 months ago. The reason why I started doing it was my weight. The terrible time of the pandemic, lockdown, and my love for sandwiches did their job and I gained so much weight that non of my fashionable outfits could fit anymore. Even my fat jeans were too tight.

My main goal was to lose weight and my husband not only suggested Pilates classes but also found an amazing studio in our neighborhood and purchased a membership for me. To be honest, he has done gazillion amazing things for me, but a pilates studio membership could be the best gift so far.

Long story short, after six months and 100 classes, I lost 15 pounds without starving. I’m still far away from my pre-covid shape, but now I can at least fit in my fat jeans. Even more, my body looks way healthier than it looked when my weight was perfect.

Physical & Mental Health Improvements

Besides visual benefits, pilates had an amazing impact on my health. I feel stronger and happier.

Before pilates, I had constant back pain, caused by sitting at my desk. The pain disappeared after the first two weeks. Besides muscle and joint pain, my body was so weak, doing laundry or taking out the trash was real torture. The reason is that my arms weren’t strong enough to pick up heavy bags. Now doing laundry, or taking out the trash is just a piece of cake for my muscles. 

The cherry on the top is that doing pilates on daily basis had a fascinating impact on my mental health.

Since I am an extrovert with health anxiety, the 2020 lockdown had a devastating impact on my psyche. I was stressed, anxious and depressed because of all the drama caused by Covid 19. Even though I didn’t join the pilates club in the hope to cure my anxiety, I felt positive changes in my mood shortly after I began doing it regularly. My depression has disappeared. My health anxiety isn’t that severe anymore. I am so energized that I can work all day and not be tired at all.

My personal Pilates schedule

In the beginning, I was doing pilates twice a week. After a month, I decided to upgrade to an unlimited membership and do it regularly. 

Currently, I attend 50-minute classes 5-6 times a week and it is a perfect amount for me. It makes me happier, it makes me healthier and it makes me prettier too.

No Diet

The best part of losing weight with pilates is that I eat whatever I want and whenever I want. I only starve for a minimum of one hour before and after classes. That is the only rule I follow. In addition, I drink approximately 15 oz of water before and after exercise

Things you should know

Last but not least, some of the exercises might not be comfortable for you. In this case, instead of trying too hard, it’s better to skip or modify them. This will help you to avoid injuries or muscle strain. As one of my instructors says:

“I give you a plate full of fruits and need to pick up the ones you like. Eating the whole plate isn’t required”.

What I don’t like about pilates?

One thing I don’t like about pilates is that it is like an addiction. If I don’t attend classes for 3 days in a row, bad things come back. I feel anxious and depressed again. My body and muscles feel uncomfortable. Even more, If I continue missing classes, I start gaining weight.


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