“My 86-year-old mom recovered from Coronavirus”

My 86-year-old mom recovered from Coronavirus. Facebook user from Great Britain, Richard Briley shares this wonderful news on his personal Facebook page.

“This is me with my mum she has survived Hitler, open-heart surgery, 2 replacement knees, and 2 replacement hips. Few weeks ago she fell, fractured her hip, 2 ribs and her spine. Last week she was diagnosed with Covid 19 and spent a week in intensive care she is 86……. Today she has been given the all-clear, this is the sort of thing the media should be concentrating on, there is hope people” – Says Richard Briley.

As a matter of fact, this lucky 86-year-old woman is not the only elderly to recover from Coronavirus. Moreover, there were cases in Iran and China where 103-year-old women were among those who beat COVID-19, not to mention a 95-year-old Alma Clara Corsini from Modena, Italy with a heartwarming picture holding hands with her rescuers.

As of 3/28/20 based on worldometers.info data 141,953 people have recovered from Coronavirus.

Above all, follow all the guidelines of your public health professionals. Also be strong, have hope, and remember by staying home you are saving someone’s life.

For more exact and up to date information about Coronavirus refer to the CDC website.


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