Movie night ideas from Rita Tesla

Movie night ideas are quite necessary at the present times, because of home-quarantine. Therefore, a lot of influencers give some recommendations to their followers.

One of these IG influencers is fashion designer Rita Tesla. She published her favorite movies in her Instagram stories. So, the movies picked by fashionista are:

Forrest Gump – This movie won six Oscars. Despite the fact that is was released 15 years ago, this amazing story of Forest Gump is still fascinating and the movie is much worth seeing.

The main role in this movie is played by Tom Hanks, who was recently infected with Coronavirus.

Back in the future – This movie is also old, but gold and tells us about incredible journeys taken to the past, future, and back by a teenage boy with the help of a crazy professor.

Untouchables – This French movie is absolutely fascinating. It’s one of the best films of the last decade and you will enjoy it for sure.

The Great Dictator – Timeless movie of the legendary Charly Chaplin. Chaplin will have you laugh your head off, even if you aren’t a big fan of black and white cinema.

Toy Story – This amazing animation is one of the best movie night ideas for the whole family, because Toy Story is a film that should be watched no matter how old you are.


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