Men style and elegance – some basic rules

Men style and elegance never receive as much spotlight of the world as women’s do, because fashion seems to be a part of the woman’s world, nevertheless, style is essential for men, as much as it is for women.

Gentlemen need to be attractive as well as ladies and in the modern world, it became easier. Now men can look dazzling without a need to have a face like Brad Pitt or Alain Delon if they just work out and take care of their beards.

In addition to a well-shaped body and nicely trimmed beard, men also need at least some basic fashion rules to find their perfect style, and that’s what this article is about.

Men’s style and elegance – some basic rules

Relevant colors for stylish men

Color is an important part of men-style and elegance. First and foremost, it should be noted that matching colors of your jacket and pants are always a good idea.

The best color choice for elegant men should be blue and you can use almost all the shades. A blue jacket and pants with a bright shirt and a slick tie will guarantee a sharp look.

If you want to look elegant, avoid mixing vibrant colors, and try to build your look in the maximum three-color palette. One of them could be bright and radiant, even pink, yellow, or red, however, when you choose these colors, try to combine them with plain colors like shades of black or gray.

By the way, if your shirt is brighter than your jacket, it makes your body look slimmer. In addition, dark pants with a bright shirt or a t-shirt will make you look taller.  

Avoid wearing a tie with a check or a shiny shirt. A tie looks good with a single-color shirt.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on your wardrobe and prefer to have a small number of clothes, the recommendation for you is to have more black clothes. White, beige, and light blue are also easy to match with various pallets.

It’s essential to match the colors of your accessories, with clothes. If you don’t own a rich collection of belts and watches, you should at least have one of each in black, to easily match with other colors.

Elegant shirts and T-shirts

First and foremost, for the elegant look avoid deep V necks and don’t wear your shirts with more than two buttons undone.

It’s better to choose blank t-shirts, they are more elegant than the ones that look like graffiti. Also avoid sending messages with your t-shirt, especially stupid ones, you are a man, not a poster.

Say no to the horizontally striped shirts, they make you look fat. And don’t tuck them into your pants, it is undoubtedly out of style.

Size matters

No matter how well you match your clothes, if they don’t fit, it’s the wrong choice.

It should be noted that too-tight of clothes, especially pants are not recommended for elegant men.

Avoid outfits that are not your size or you will look inelegant and possibly even funny.

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