5 Reasons why JLO’s new movie isn’t worth watching

JLO’s new movie with Owen Wilson and Colombian singer Maluma is so well-promoted, many of us (especially JLO fans) including me have been waiting for it for a long time.

“Marry Me” premiered on February 11 which by the way is another famous Jennifer’s (Aniston) birthday. 

I’m a huge JLO fan and plus rom-coms are my kind of movies, so I put my covid-phobia aside and went to the movie theater for the first time since the pandemic hit the world. I was excited and happy to go back to the normal mode of movie watching, but unfortunately, disappointment awaited me somewhere at the end of the introduction part of the film. 

The production is good, JLO is stunning, the cast is impressive, but the movie still was a waste of my time and the $16 I paid for the ticket. 

So, in this article, I’m gonna try to tell you everything that is wrong with this film without spoilers.

5 Reasons why JLO’s new movie isn’t worth watching

Why JLO’s new movie isn’t worth watching

Reason 1 – The conflict is kind of vague and the main points aren’t highlighted enough. In spite of the fact that the movie is made according to the “Melodrama Formula,” the screenplay is weak and has so many unreasonable details that the flow of the story is extremely unnatural.

“To make a great film you need three things: The script, the script, and the script”

Alfred Hitchcock

Reason 2 – Film has no plot twist, not even something like it. There is nothing that can surprise you. Every scene is too predictable which makes the film so boring that you might wanna get up and leave the movie theater before the end of the film. 

5 Reasons why JLO’s new movie isn’t worth watching

Reason 3 – Characters aren’t developed. The movie doesn’t show their personalities fully. Creators didn’t even try to make the audience fall in love with the main heroes. 

Reason 4 – Dialogues are fake, not believable, and shallow.

Reason 5 – Climax is extremely weak and pathetic. The same thing can be said about the ending. The final scene causes zero emotions because we’ve seen zillions of other movies with the exact same endings. 

5 Reasons why JLO’s new movie isn’t worth watching

Briefly About the movie “Marry Me” 

Movie title: Marry Me

Genre: Romance/Comedy-drama

Release date: February 11, 2022 (USA)

Director: Kat Coiro 

Starring: Jennifer Lopez; Owen Wilson; Maluma; 

Budget: $23 million.

5 Reasons why JLO’s new movie isn’t worth watching

P.S. Don’t you dare to compare it to “Noting Hill” 

Some people on the internet say that “Marry Me” is a kind of remake of the legendary “Noting hill” with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant.

This kind of statements makes me furious, because “Noting Hill” is a masterpiece, emotional, funny, and real movie with amazing dialogues, well-developed and interesting characters, and a reasonable flow of the story.

“Noting Hill” is the movie that wins audiences’ hearts since 1999 till now. “Marry Me” is going to be forgotten as soon as its promotional company is over.


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