Jimmy Kimmel – Home-quarantine Minilogue

Jimmy Kimmel, a famous Tv host, and comedian is in home-quarantine because of coronavirus, just like most people all over the world at the present time.

Looks like Kimmel’s Live won’t air until farther notice, but Jimmy is going to keep us smiling in these tuff times from a comfort of his home.

The host and producer Jimmy Kimmel decided to stay in touch with his audience by making daily short monologues, that he calls “Minilogues”.

His first Minilogue is about being home with his kids, Donald Trump, Tom Brady & St. Patrick’s Day. Kimmel posted this on youtube and on Instagram yesterday. By the way, the video is just as funny and fresh as his Tv show.

Let’s thank Jimmy for his efforts and take a look at his first homemade Minilogue.

Jimmy Kimmel ‘s first Minilogue


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