Introducing Fashionista – Volha Yakubouskaya

Volha Yakubouskaya loves vibrant outfits and even though sharp colors aren’t easy to match, Volha does it flawlessly.

The colorful Instagram page was one of the reasons why Long Term Info had chosen her as the first fashion influencer in our list of “100 fashionistas you need to know”.

Volha Yakubouskaya

Volha Yakubouskaya – Who Is She?

Volha Yakubouskaya is a 34-years-old fashionista from Italy. As a former fashion retailer and personal stylist, she’s got years of experience in this field. 

Fashion for me is a form of art and also one of the ways to express myself. I love how an outfit can speak about you even before you’ve started the conversation.

Volha Yakubouskaya

Volha Yakubouskaya is her own stylist. And the question about why she doesn’t have one causes a smile on her face. As Volha remarks, building her looks is the most fun part of her job and why would she take this pleasure away from herself? In addition, Volha believes that her blog has to reflect her own vision.

Volha Yakubouskaya

By now, Volha has less than 1K posts and more than 30K followers on IG. Thousand of fashion lovers watch her IG reels every day and Volha is extremely happy to inspire other girls with her style.

Volha Yakubouskaya

Her favorite colors are green and Mint. Her beauty secrets are simple: Drink enough water, sleep enough, do some sports, be kind, and enjoy little things in life, because happy people are the most beautiful.

Silver Lining In Dark 2020

Volha Yakubouskaya is one of those rare people who managed to use the dark times of the Pandemic in a positive way. 

Volha Yakubouskaya

If before lockdown she had no time to follow her dream and start a blog about fashion, in the summer of 2020 when life on our planet was kind of paused and everyone had more than enough time, Volha finally decided to commit herself to her true passion.

The best thing you can do for your life is work on your dreams, and if you want to do something – start it now.

Volha Yakubouskaya

Long story short, the pandemic freed her time for taking Instagram seriously and creating fashion content on daily basis. 

 Volha Yakubouskaya

Don’t Be A Blind Follower!

While talking about fashion trends, Volha Yakubouskaya remarks that it’s not wise to follow them blindly. 

Volha Yakubouskaya

She herself is always familiar with the latest trends, but instead of following them all, Volha picks the ones that are close to her style and implements them in her wardrobe.

Trend and style are different things. By following all the fashion trends blindly, you risk losing yourself, your style and your view.

Volha Yakubouskaya

On the other hand, Volha believes that adding a few latest fashion items to your closet is crucial because it keeps your style fresh. 

Volha Yakubouskaya

Favorite Clothing Brands

Among the luxury brands, Volha’s favorite ones are Saint Laurent and Jacquemus. It should be noted that she is in love with the new collection of Versace too. 

Volha Yakubouskaya

Besides well-established and famous brands, Volha Yakubouskaya pays attention to new and non-luxurious designers. For example, she likes Na-kd, & Other Stories, Meshki clothing for vacations, and Bruuns Bazaar for outerwear.

Favorite Piece Of Jewelry

Volha Yakubouskaya loves to wear earrings and has different pieces at home. 

Volha Yakubouskaya

From designer earrings, her favorite pieces are huge lions from Gucci. She believes that they look gorgeous, but they are heavy and not suitable for everyday use. 

On daily basis, Volha wears golden circles or unpaired earrings. 

Volha Yakubouskaya

Volha Yakubouskaya & Her Love For Sharp Colors

Volha Yakubouskaya loves juicy colors. It’s her trademark. She boldly plays with them and the reason why she does so is simple. Volha believes that sharp colors can make your outfit stand out immediately. They give energy and power. 

Volha Yakubouskaya

For girls who want to enrich their closet and make it more vibrant, Volha has some good advice. Since radical changes aren’t easy to implement, she recommends starting with colorful accessories. 

Volha Yakubouskaya

Volha Yakubouskaya’s Favorite Bag

Bags are extremely important in every fashionista’s life. They all know, that there is no such thing as too many bags

Volha Yakubouskaya

Volha Yakubouskaya is no exception. Mentioning that the most expensive fashion item owned by Volha Yakubouskaya is a Balenciaga hourglass bag is a good way to describe her love for bags.

Volha Yakubouskaya

Besides Balenciaga Hourglass Bag she owns several other items obviously, but her favorite one is Jodie from Bottega Veneta. This bag is her favorite because of its color (fountain) and shape.

Volha & her favorite bag Jodie from Bottega Veneta

Favorite Place For Shopping

Volha Yakubouskaya is into online shopping. She thinks it’s more comfortable because you got a chance to try everything at home, see how it looks with the pieces from your wardrobe, and make a better decision. 

Fashion Tips From Volha Yakubouskaya

This must be the most important and the most interesting part of our article because in this paragraph you can find fashion recommendations that can help you to improve your style.

Tip N1 – Watch a lot of shows (vogue runway app), street style, Pinterest, and Instagram. This is the best way to develop your own vision and style. 

Tip N2 – Choose the appropriate underwear – sometimes wrong underwear can ruin the best outfit. 

Tip N3 – If you don’t know how to match colors – Itten‘s color wheel can help you. 

Volha Yakubouskaya & Her Fashion Inspo

In spite of the fact that Volha Yakubouskaya is constantly inspired by people she sees on Instagram and believes that attending Milano fashion week was a huge source of inspiration for her, she is under the impression that nature is the best fashion inspo. 

Volha Yakubouskaya claims that the colors that you can see matching together in nature are definitely the best match for the outfits. 

Volha Yakubouskaya & Instagram

Instagram is an important part of Volha’s life. Posting photos and reels every day is what keeps her career going.  And since Instagram success is a dream of many, we asked Volha about her ways of gaining it.

What we found out is that she doesn’t do anything special, her photographers are friends, her husband, and sometimes just a tripod. She doesn’t even use many filters, maybe lightroom here and there, but Volha’s photos and videos are mostly natural and real. 

In order to gain success on Instagram, Volha Yakubouskaya believes that you need to create high-quality content constantly and post every day. 

She also notes that even though Reels go viral and bring a lot of new followers sometimes, posting pictures are important too.


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