Introducing Fashionista – Goucha

Goucha is a fashion influencer, former fashion model, personal stylist, and Instagramer. In addition, she works as a film stylist and has done more than 30 projects in this field. Her name is Elena and she is 35 years old. 

Impressive fashion resume, rebellious style, and natural beauty are the reasons why Goucha is in LongTermInfos’s list of 100 fashionistas you need to know.

Introducing Fashionista - Goucha

Goucha & her style

Casual, extremely comfy, a little messy, and kind of rebellious, that’s what modern style is about and Goucha’s looks are a classic demonstration of everything listed above. For people over 40, this kind of fashion isn’t easy to understand, on the other hand for Gen Z and Millennials it’s on the cutting edge.

Goucha is a kind of fashionista who prefers self-expression over fashion rules. However, it’s notable that she follows the rule of 3 colors, which is very smart of her because this rule can give a classy look to every outfit. 

Introducing Fashionista - Goucha

She believes that she’s got congenital intuition about person+clothes=best version, and for that reason, fashion has been a part of her life since forever. 

When I’ve been 6 and got my first Vogue in hand I started to pay attention to everyone. The way they dress up, the way they walk and talk. different lady’s shapes and behaviors depend on their choices. I still do it every time I look at someone.


After 10 years on Instagram, Goucha became an inspiration for many. Almost 40K people follow her IG page and observe her style on daily basis. 

Breaking The Rules

Even though Elena Goucha’s style seems to be under the influence of modern fashion, she considers herself a rule breaker. Goucha hates dress codes so much that is ready to miss an event every time it requires a dress code.

Better if a person has her own rules. I absolutely unrespect rules about colors or body types. We can do anything, according to our mood.


Even though she is often inspired by people and their styles, there is not even a single person whose fashion advice is valuable to Goucha. She doesn’t listen to others, her sense of style is the only guide for her.

Think for yourself, don’t follow your parents’ or boyfriend’s advice.


Goucha & facts about her style

The colors she loves the most are Black, grey, nude, and navy. The list of Goucha’s Preferred clothing brands is long and includes: Laurence Bras, Khaite, Maison Margiela, Nili Lotan, Chloe Stora, Swildens, Aquascutum, Toteme,  Sporty&rich. 

Her favorite pieces of jewelry are Rings and Goucha wears them often. She believes that her weakness for rings is caused by the fact that as a little kid, she dreamed about being pirate.

When asked to name her favorite places for shopping, she named the whole planet. 

Her beauty secret is to be natural. Goucha believes that it’s the sexiest and the most powerful kind of beauty.

One more interesting fact about Goucha’s style is that she is obsessed with Cowboy Boots.

Photo scource: Goucha’s IG page.


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