Indoor flowers, their importance and how to choose wisely?

Indoor flowers, their importance and how to choose wisely? The answer to this question is pretty straightforward however it includes several criteria to consider.

In this article, we are going to talk about all the aspects and give you some basic knowledge about house flora.

Indoor flowers, their importance and how to choose wisely?
Indoor flowers, their importance and how to choose wisely?

Benefits of indoor plants

First and foremost, flowers filter and freshen up the air, which is so important for our general health, mood, and productivity.

Indoor flora helps you with stress-relief, relaxation and keeps you calm. Partly because of the color green. According to color psychology, green is very calming, evoking compassion and optimism in humans.

In addition, plants are a great source of inspiration. Some of them even have healing effects and have been widely used in holistic medicine.

It should be noted, some scientific studies have shown, that people who take care of flowers and spend plenty of time with them, live longer.

Last but not least, indoor flowers add great value to the interior design. It’s always a good idea to feel up your rooms with beautiful flora and make your home prettier, more lively and extremely cozy.  

How to choose your indoor flowers?

Above all, in a modern busy world where people have a lack of time, it’s important to choose indoor flowers that are easy to care for. They won’t require much of your time and energy. The list of indoor flowers like that is quite long, however, we selected a few of our favorites:

  • Kalanchoe
  • Peperomia
  • Haworthia
  • Guiana Chestnut
  • Sansevieria
  • Chinese Evergreen
  • Aloe

If you are looking for a healing effect, you should pick plants listed below.

Nephrolepis, Hedera helix and Spider are some of the best natural air filters.

Lavender, in addition to having a wonderful aroma, is beneficial for people who suffer from anxiety, nervousness or have trouble with sleep.

Cactus is widely known for protecting people from computer radiation, but it’s not all. Cactus brings calmness and helps you to relax and center. Furthermore, it is a self-sustained plant and watering it once in a while is the only thing that’s required from you.

Epipremnum aureum will calm your eyes after spending a lot of time staring at the computer.

Plants that can bring wealth and good luck into your home

According to some superstitions, there are plants that will bring you wealth and good luck in your home. One of these plants is Pachira Aquatica which is known as Pachira Money Tree.

Another magic plant is the Ficus Benjamina. In Asia, this tree is known as fortune and wealth mascot. Even more, some Asians believe, if the infertile couple receives Ficus Benjamina as a gift, they will have kids very soon.

A famous legend exists in some old nations about plants like Spathiphyllum and Laceleaf. According to the legend, having these plants inside the house helps men and women find true love and get married.

Article “Indoor flowers, their importance and how to choose wisely?” is written by our blogger Lel Shera. pictures by Spanish interior designer Paula Silvgni.


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