How to wear sneakers with formal clothes? Elegance and comfort

“Can I wear sneakers with formal clothes?” This question is quite frequent not only in private conversations but also in search results on Google.


Women all over the world are wondering if they can wear kicks with formal clothing and still be in style.

And the answer is, yes ladies, you can! The times when formal looks were only correlated with high heels and other uncomfortable shoes, are over.


Modern fashion allows women to be elegant and feel comfortable simultaneously by making some deconstructions.

Fortunately, nowadays we can wear shoes like sneakers and slip-on not only with leisurewear and casual clothes, but also with classic pants, suits, and even dresses, without becoming fashion victims.


It should be noted that just like many other aspects in fashion, combining sports shoes and formal clothing has some basic rules. As a general rule, you have to follow three basic recommendations.

  • Your sport shoes must be new, or at least, look fresh. Worn sneakers will make you look cheap and undoubtedly spoil your chic. 
  • You must match the colors. Based on a snappy dressers’ style, white is the best choice. Brown and nude are also in.
  • Choose classic sneakers. Leave running shoes for the gym, and use more classy models in street style.

When talking about style, a picture is worth a thousand words. So, we decided to enrich this article with some photos from fashion influencers on Instagram.

All these ladies are fashionistas by all means. So take a look at their style and get inspired.


Sneaker style examples from a young Channelista

One of the epitomes of a perfect mix of comfort and chic is the French fashion influencer and the great admirer of Channel, Alpa Rama.


As you can see in her photos, this young lady knows how to look dazzling and feel comfortable at the same time.


She very easily matches her sport shoes with classic and casual looks. Moreover, you can even see this young lady wearing sneakers with Chanel haute couture.


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