How to make your home cozy?

It’s important to have a good house that’s safe and well guarded, but what makes a good home is a cozy, warm, comfortable and restful environment because home is not just a place, it’s also a feeling.

In our lives, so much depends on how we feel at home. If you wake up in a cozy bedroom you already start your day in a positive mood, or when you come back tired after a long day at work, it’s so much easier to relax inside a nice, restful home. Even your sleep is healthier when you have a pleasant aura in your house.

Homestyle and interior design depend on its owner’s taste, however, there are some basic rules everyone should follow.

First and foremost, keep it clean

If you want your home to be comfortable, it has to always be clean. Messy home not only looks bad but also has a negative reflection on your psyche.  

Try to throw away all the things that you don’t need and keep only the stuff that’s necessary. It will give you more space, and apart from that, less staff you have, easier it is to clean your house.

The second part of coziness is lighting

It’s good to have large windows to let the sun brighten your rooms, but if your basic architecture doesn’t allow this, you should definitely add more lamps. Choose warm lights that don’t harm your eyes and disturb your spirit. Also, colors like white, beige, light gray and light yellow can add more light to your rooms and to your moods as well.

Wise decoration

Replace a bunch of small decorations with one large and remarkable piece. A lot of small elements in your décor can sometimes create a feeling of a mess because it’s not easy to find a suitable match for every single one.

In addition, try not to keep your walls empty. Get some beautiful pictures and accessories and give your walls more life and meaning. Chose décor that’s close to your interests and highlights your character, or something that will remind you about something positive or precious.  

Add more decorative pillows. Put them on the bad, on armchairs, on the sofa, but be careful with colors. Try not to be very vibrant.

Comfort is important

So say no to uncomfortable chairs, sofas, and other furniture. No matter how beautiful they might look, if it’s not comfortable to sit, it won’t be cozy and therefor adds very little value to your home.

Cozy colors for your home

First of all, minimize black color in your interior. Try to have one bright dominant color in your interior. Don’t be afraid of monotony, because you can always add one or two shiny accessories to make your room more lively.

For instance, dominant colors in a cozy room should be:

  • Pearl, Cotton, Powder, Chiffon, Alabaster, and Bone shades of white.
  • Banana shade of yellow.
  • Cloud and fossil shades of gray.

For a few shiny elements, you can choose violet, red or blue colors. Also, green shades and elements are a perfect idea for a cozy home, especially if your green elements are plants and flowers.

Plants and flowers are useful, not only for visual esthetics but can also add some great aromas and extra oxygen in your rooms.

Aromas are important

Besides appearances, the aroma is a crucial part of your cozy home. When something doesn’t smell right, it gets harder to relax and feel comfortable.

Always let plenty of fresh air get into your rooms. Open windows at least once daily. In addition, you can always use your favorite scented candles or air fresheners.

Article by Lel, photos by Kelly


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