Hermes Birkin – Lamborghini in women’s world

Hermes Birkin – you don’t need to be a fashion expert to know that this is a symbol of status and Money.

Besides the fact that it’s expensive and costs more than decent jewelry, Birkin is also very exclusive. Customers spend years on waiting lists to purchase their dream bags.

Fashion Influencer Alex Rivière & her Birkin bags.

Long story short: if men drive Lamborghinis and Ferraris in order to show off, girls have bags and Hermes Birkin definitely is a Lamborghini in women’s world. 

Hermes Birkin – Price

To buy a brand new Hermes Birkin bag from Hermes itself, it’s going to cost you a minimum of 10 thousand dollars. Surprisingly, that’s the best price you can get. 

Fashion Influencer Claire Rose Cliteur & her Birkin bag.

As it was already mentioned above, Birkin is a very exclusive luxury item. You can’t walk into the store and buy it without putting your name on a long waiting list. That’s why most girls get their Birkins from resellers and it obviously costs them way more than 10K. To be more exact, the brand new Hermes Birkin price at resellers varies between 20-250 thousand US dollars. 

Hermes Birkin is like a good wine

Most things go for cheaper prices when they are old and used. Hermes Birkin is not one of them. 

Fashion Influencer Zaklina Pisano & her Birkin bags.

Vintage Birkin bags are just as expensive as new ones. Even more, some used Birkin’s prices start at $100 thousand and go as high as half a million US dollars.

Why is Hermes Birkin so expensive?

There are several reasons why Birkin bags are so expensive. First of all, they are made of unique and costly materials. 

Hermes Birkin
Fashion Influencer Nazife Özcan & her Birkin bag.

To create a Birkin they use exotic leather like a lizard, Crocodile, Calf leather, Ostrich and etc. In addition, the metal parts of the bag are gold or platinum plated. Even more, some Birkin bags have natural Diamonds on them. 

Hermes Birkin
Fashion Influencer Alex Rivière & her Birkin bags.

The other reason is that Hermes Birkins are handmade, by skilled artisans. It takes a long time to create one bag and Hermes doesn’t do a mass-production of this bag.

Hermes Birkin

Last but not least, resellers are the reason why the bag cost so much. They ask for unrealistic prices for Birkin. 


It’s Sizes range from 25, 30, 35, to 40 centimetres, with travelling bags of 50 and 55 centimetres.

In 2022, at Paris Men’s Fashion Week, Hermes introduced Birkin Bags for men.

It’s made in Paris.

Jane Birkin – Woman behind Birkin Bag

Jane Birkin is an English-Franch singer and actress who was famous in the 70s and 80s. In those decades she was known not only for her talent but also for her romantic relationships and beautiful looks. Even more, she was a style icon and fashionista. 

Hermes Birkin

In 1984, on the airplane, Jane met Jean-Louis Dumas, Executive Chairman of Hermès. The singer complained that she wasn’t able to find a bag that would be elegant and comfortable at the same time. That’s when Jean-Louis Dumas decides to create a bag for her and that’s how the Birkin bag was born. 

Jane Birkin in 1970, 2001 and 2016

At the present time, Birkin bag is more popular than Jane Birkin herself. However, 75 years old singer doesn’t seem flattered by the fact that the most famous fashion item carries her name. 

Hermes Birkin

In 2015 she asked Hermes to remove her name from the bag. Jane didn’t want to be associated with Birkin bags. The reason was the cruel methods used to acquire the skins for the bags. Fortunately, Jane Birkin changed her mind shortly after Hermes had satisfied her with new reassurances on this. 

Don’t confuse it with Kelly Bag

Because of the popularity of the Birkin bag, there are a lot of fakes and other bags with similar designs. However, real fashionistas know the difference and they’re well aware that Birkin is the one and only.

It should be noted that besides fakes, Birkin bag is often mistaken for Kelly Bag too. 

Fashion Blogger Sasha Simón & her Kelly bags.

Kelly Bag is also produced by Hermes. It looks a lot like a Birkin bag, but in reality, they are very easy to differentiate. The thing is that Kelly Bag is a single-handle handbag. Unlike Kelly bag, Birkin bag has two handles.

By the way, Kelly bag originally was created for the Princess of Monaco and actress Grace Kelly.

Grace Kelly in 1954, 1956 and 1972

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