Coronavirus and self-isolated celebrities

Coronavirus cases are still on the rise all over the world. Some places are already on a major lockdown and other health organizations encourage self-isolation and boosting our immune systems.

Everyone tries to follow these rules and Celebrities are no exception.

So let’s take a look at some, that have put themselves in self-quarantine, and are spending time with their families.

Celebrity posts about self-quarantine & Coronavirus?

Despite the fact that they don’t leave their houses, most of the celebrities feel fine being home.

They are resting, watching movies and enjoying the company of their kids and family.

In addition to self-isolation, celebrities also give out some useful suggestions to their followers on Instagram.

One of our favorite celebs is Lady Gaga, who’s staying home with her cute dogs and gives her fans a few recommendations on social media.

Leo Messi

The Argentinian superstar soccer player Leo Messi also prefers to stay home.

He is doing it for his and his family’s’ safety.

Leo is spending time with his kids and recommends us to follow all the rules indicated by health organizations.

Neil Patrick Harris

Just like Leo Messi, actor Neil Patrick Harris is spending his time of isolation with his children.

He posted a picture of his adorable kids, Harper and Gideon enjoying the fireplace.

Kim Kardashian

Another one of the self-isolated celebrities is Kim Kardashian West. According to her Instagram stories, the reality tv star is spending time with her kids.

As she mentioned in her last insta-post Kim got bored and decided to take advantage of her free time and organize her old photos on her computer.

Miley Cyrus

Self-isolation is no fun for a famous singer and actress Miley Cyrus either.

On the second day of her home-isolation, the young star posted a short video from her tv show “Hanna Montana”.

That way she let her followers know, how crazy coronavirus makes her feel.

Super protected supermodel

Unlike other celebrities supermodel, Naomi Campbel is not sitting at home because of the Coronavirus.

She goes out and moreover, takes flights, but fashion Diva protects herself in a best way possible.

Safety first, says 49 years old top model and post pictures of herself, dressed up in protection costume, taken in the airport.


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