The traveler couple follows the sun with a bus house

We found a bus-house traveler couple Adam and Rachel Carbary on Instagram. After scrolling down their IG page, we realized that the life of this traveling family is far from boring.

Their lifestyle is unusual, and in spite of having a small living area, the photos on social media show that they live an interesting and happy life full of adventures.

On their school bus-house RV, you can find not only the essential necessities like a kitchen, fridge, TV, and a bed but pets and books as well. Their bus-RV even has indoor plants and a wood stove.

This cute and cozy travel RV impressed us so much, we decided to learn more about this couple and share their story with you.

Adam & Rachel

The couple from the US is in their mid-thirties. They met 10 years ago and were friends for two years.

Like many other best-friends-turned-lovers, they ended up falling in love and got married in 2013. 

Adam is self-employed. Rachel works for a non-profit organization helping to end marine mammal captivity and promote the health of our oceans.

A year and a half ago, Mr. & Mrs. Carbary converted a school bus into a house. Since then, they have been living and traveling in their house on wheels full-time.

“I think living in such small quarters works well for us. We truly enjoy being around each other. There was a quote I heard once in a movie that says, “It’s not about who you go home with on Saturday night, but who you want to spend all day Sunday with.” We love hanging out and enjoying this beautiful life together. “

Rachel Carbary
bus house

Traveling in a bus-house RV

Adam and Rachel change their location every fall and winter. They are following the sun and warm weather.

Their favorite travel destinations are the gulf coast and San Juan Island in Washington.

“One of our favorite travel experiences so far was when we parked on a beach on the Gulf Coast. We slept with the windows down, listening to the waves, and took walks on the sand in the morning. It was so peaceful and we had that experience at the very beginning of our bus life. It really helped us settle into this lifestyle.”

Rachel Carbary

Besides the benefits of adventurous life, RV-traveling has some particular challenges. Adam and Rachel are no strangers to having to face some of those difficulties. 

Sometimes Their RV limits the places the couple can visit. Their bus is large and not all campgrounds or national parks allow large rigs to park.

There are also issues like figuring out where to empty grey water tanks, throw away garbage, and where to fill up with fresh water. 

bus house

Recommendations for beginner RV-travelers from Adam and Rachel

Have a plan and know where you are going before you head out onto the road.

You can use various apps to help you find places to park, and it is always a good idea to plan on arriving at your destination a few hours before it gets dark. Driving down unfamiliar roads in the dark can be stressful.

Also, just remember to be flexible and realize that not everything will work out exactly as you planned. Leave room for that flexibility. 


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