Best cosmetic brands in the world

Best cosmetic brands in the world are not easy to single out. Because of the great competition, almost all companies have excellent advertisements along with lots of positive feedback.

Experienced make-up enthusiasts usually have one or two go-to brands they stick with. It’s no surprise since after so much experimentation it does get pretty obvious, which brands work best for your face and skin type.

For beginners though, choosing the right brand could be challenging. Nobody wants to experiment with their own skin, beauty, and health. You want to start off with the best cosmetics, offering the highest quality and beautiful colors matching your taste, style, and financial capabilities.

Yes, you could ask for some advice online, though you will, most likely, end up being even more confused. All beauty bloggers vastly disagree with each other regarding cosmetics, therefore you will come across many opposing recommendations.

So, for this article, instead of sharing subjective opinions, we’ve decided to look at the statistics, because numbers don’t lie.

After some research, we came up with the list of the best cosmetic brands based on worldwide sales data.

Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder is the most well-known cosmetic brand around the world because of its widespread buyers’ list including all social classes. For its customers, this brand is associated with high quality at relatively affordable prices.

Estee Lauder was established in the US and has lots of experience with implementing innovative production techniques. With its strong marketing strategies, Estee Lauder stays in the front lines of competition to be the number one go-to brand for most women around the world.

Furthermore, this fast-growing brand provides not only cosmetics but also wonderful skin and hair care products, as well as perfume.


The most expensive cosmetic products are made by Chanel. This famous French corporation was established by renowned fashion designer Coco Chanel, 111 years ago.

Chanel is a luxury brand, best known for making high fashion clothes.

In addition to clothing, Chanel owns a line of accessories, perfume, and cosmetics. These are also widely popular throughout the worlds upper classes.

According to experts and beauty bloggers, Chanel cosmetics are worth significantly more because of their highest quality ingredients and elegant colors.


The leader of sales in the world’s cosmetic market is L’Oréal. Just like Chanel, L’Oréal is an early French brand. It was established in 1909.

Besides cosmetics, L’Oréal makes skin and hair care products, hair coloring and sunscreen products.

According to statistics data, the yearly revenue of L’Oréal is ruffly 30 billion. Almost 3 times more than Estee Lauder and Channel combined.


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