Best bloggers of the world according to WBA

Blogging first appeared around two decades ago in 1997, and despite its young age, the profession has become extremely popular. Currently, there are over 600 million different blogs all over the world, and this number is growing daily. 

Not every blog is well-known and successful, but the list of triumphant bloggers is so long, no one was surprised when the “World Bloggers Awards” (WBA) was launched in 2019.

The first WBA ceremony was just as glamorous and fancy as any major film or music festival. Even its location was a statement of chic. The ceremony took place in the city known for the famous Cannes film festival.

More than 200 sharp, beautifully dressed guests attended the first-ever WBA. Twenty-two of them not only participated but also went home with a prize and the title of the best blogger of the year.

WBA 2019

Who are the best bloggers?

LongTermInfo tried to find out more about “World Bloggers Awards”, and fortunately, Mariia Grazhina Chaplin – CEO & Producer of WBA answered some of our questions about the awards, blogs, and bloggers.

Mariia Grazhina Chaplin at WBA 2019

– Miss Mariia, why did you establish WBA, and what is your mission?

-The answer is simple: in each industry, it is important to recognize and celebrate the leaders. People who are trendsetters and social influences. From this point of view, the influencers’ and bloggers’ world is the same as any other industry. Why are the Oscar, Golden Globe, MTV music Awards, Eurovision, Miss Universe awards needed? The subscribers’ and fans’ attention is very important for influencers and bloggers. However, the appreciation from professionals in the field is no less important. This is precisely the essence of our award.

-Tell us, what is WBA’s basic criteria for picking the best bloggers?

-Our jury takes into consideration several criteria while analyzing the accounts of applicants: engagement rating, quality of content, account activity, general style, and account authenticity.

Mariia Grazhina Chaplin & Nusret Gökçe at WBA 2019

-Can you describe a successful blogger?

-A successful blogger is one whose popularity has extended beyond the blog. When her or his opinions are listened to not only by subscribers but are also appreciated by renowned media outlets.

-What is your advice to the bloggers?

The influencers’ power is about trust. The fans follow their role models’ lifestyle, they communicate with them on social networks and listen to their recommendations. All these people must relay not only the bohemian lifestyle and everything connected to it but also the moral, cultural values and talk about global issues. Therefore, we are forming a community of bloggers with similar life guidelines.

WBA winners

Bloggers all over the world have been waiting for WBA 2020. It was supposed to take place in the capital of the UK in October 2020 with more nominees and greater scope and influence.

Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the ceremony has been rescheduled. It will be held in Cannes in May 2021, during the Film festival.

While we are waiting for the next WBA, let’s take a look at the bloggers that won this prize in 2019.

  • PARENTING BLOG – Re Andrade
  • PHILANTHROPIST BLOG – Valentina Nessi
  • STYLE in TRAVEL – Aggie Lal
  • ADVISER – Gyrol Anna
  • GLOBE TROTTER – Jolie Nguyen
  • MIDDLE EAST STYLE – Leila Brunton
  • ARTISTIC BLOG – Benjamin Ortega
  • MALE FASHION – Samuel Sohebi
  • BEST INSPIRATION – Liliia Karpiak
  • LUXURY TRAVEL BLOGGER – Naomi-Jane Adams
  • FITTEST MUM – Kerllen Maciel
  • TOURISM BLOGGER – Lenka Josefiova
  • BEAUTY TRENDS BLOGGER – Patricia Gloria Contreras
  • STREET FOOD BLOGGER – Anthony Rahayel
  • COMFORT FOOD BLOGGER – Brahms Chouity
  • BEST SISTERHOOD – Alice Abdelaziz, Nadine Abdelaziz, Farah Abdelaziz 
  • GOLDEN LIKE AWARD – Amazing Narnia (Stéphanie Jimenez)

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