95-year-old woman recovered from Coronavirus

95-year-old woman recovered from Coronavirus. She is the first patient who fully healed in Modena, Italy. Reported by europian media.

It should be noted, this nearly centenarian grandma is not the only lucky patient.

Based on worldometers.info’s data more than 2000 people recovered from Covid-19 around the world in the past 24 hours.

According to the same source, the total number of fully recovered patients around the globe is 90,943 at the present time. (03/20/20)

In spite of that many countries and cities are on lockdown. Coronavirus is still on the rise.

The world is fighting against this deadly virus. Be a part of this battle by staying home and following the guidelines of healthcare professionals.

In the picture above you can see this old woman recovered coronavirus with her doctors. This photo is taking social media by storm and giving hope to many seniors.


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