5 small luxury resorts to get inspired by nature

To wander in the wilderness is a great way to relieve stress. It produces remarkable psychological and physical benefits. Nature is a medicine for the soul, as well as the body.

On the other hand, there are people who just can’t exist without comfort and need places where nature and comfort are combined. So, small luxury hotels in the middle of fascinating nature are a perfect solution for them.

“Get lost in nature and you will find yourself”

With this in mind, LongTermInfo decided to recommend some beautiful luxurious places that can help you relax and refresh your mind. We found 5 hidden gems among hotels all over the world which we believe are perfect places for finding yourself in nature.

The Château Grand Barrail Hôtel

This amazing hotel used to be a castle located in Saint-Émilion, France and has a romantic history. It was built by a French aristocrat for his future wife at the beginning of the 19th century. The main attraction of this aristocratic hotel is beautiful nature around it. You can find a small lake, trees, and vineyards right next to the resort. But nature is not the only thing that Grand Barrail can be proud of. This five-star hotel has gorgeous guest rooms, gourmet restaurants, swimming pools, sauna, Turkish baths, fitness, and spa.

The Château Grand Barrail Hôtel
nature at The Château Grand Barrail Hôtel
sunset at The Château Grand Barrail Hôtel
Bar at The Château Grand Barrail Hôtel
dining hall at The Château Grand Barrail Hôtel
French-style bedroom at The Château Grand Barrail Hôtel

Finca Serena Mallorca

This is a luxury hotel located on Mallorca island, Spain. Finca Serena Mallorca is surrounded by charming nature and has a breathtaking view from every window. Besides nature, Finca Serena Mallorca has a beautiful interior. It is a combination of modern, contemporary, minimalist and industrial styles. Apart from this, Mallorca is a special island because of its gorgeous mountains, beaches, various plants, and cliffs.

Finca Serena Mallorca
Garden of Finca Serena Mallorca
Amazing view at Finca Serena Mallorca
Corner for dates at Finca Serena Mallorca
Patio at Finca Serena Mallorca
Room at Finca Serena Mallorca

Hotel Misincu

If buildings were people, Hotel Misincu would be a white queen who lives in wild nature and does not wear many accessories. This white structure with a minimalistic interior in nude colors and mind-blowing panoramas looks like heaven on earth. For those who love nature and luxury, this hotel would be a perfect getaway.

Hotel Misincu
View on the sea from Hotel Misincu
modern pool at Hotel Misincu
peaceful evening at Hotel Misincu
light bedroom at Hotel Misincu

Castle Hot Springs

“A true desert oasis” – this is how Castle Hot Springs is described by the owners. This luxury resort, located between high mountains in Arizona is perfect for ecotherapy. Here you can enjoy natural hot springs, amazing views with gorgeous sunsets.

Castle Hot Springs
date night at Castle Hot Springs
evening at Castle Hot Springs
Cozy corner in nature at Castle Hot Springs
bedroom with fairplace at Castle Hot Springs

La Maison Bleue El Gouna

This glamorous hotel, envisioned as a lavish 19th Century Mediterranean mansion, is located in Egypt. Because of its old-fashioned architecture and luxurious interior, it feels like you are traveling to the past. La Maison Bleue El Gouna is a wonderful choice for those who find peace in ocean views. 

La Maison Bleue El Gouna
Oceanview from La Maison Bleue El Gouna
luxury hall at La Maison Bleue El Gouna
beautiful pool at La Maison Bleue El Gouna

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